Basil the Flying Bunny, huggable and snuggly plush toy


    Basil is a sophisticated bunny, as evidenced by his white neck ruff. He has wings but, alas, they are too small for true flight. That doesn't stop Basil from dreaming that he can soar through the sky and play in the clouds. Besides flying, what Basil yearns for the most is to be adopted into a loving home. He is made with soft 100% acrylic yarn and anti-allergenic polyester stuffing. Basil has beady little safety eyes and a very fluffy tail. He measures 14" from his little pink feet to the tip of his floppy ears and weighs next to nothing. This bunny was made by me and designed by J. A. Poolvos of Little Bear Crochets in The Netherlands. You can find the pattern for purchase here: