Pride Panda


    Pride Panda has friends of every color of the rainbow and loves everyone unconditionally. He even wears a 'Love' earring for all to see. The hand-knitted rainbow infinity scarf keeps him warm and snug. Pride Panda is made with high quality 100% acrylic yarn, has a safety nose, golden safety eyes, black glass claw beads, and is filled with hypoallergenic fiberfill. He is 9.5" tall and weighs practically nothing.

    If allowing small children to play with Pride Panda, remove the earring. The glass claws are sewn in tightly but, be cautious nonetheless.

    I made Pride Panda based on a paid pattern by @LittleBearCrochets, the Tall Bear, before I realized there's a panda pattern already available! Please visit their Etsy store for lovely, easy to follow patters you will fall in love with.

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